20 Stolen Kisses

20 Stolen Kisses

Rs 5,800

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Rs 5,800

A floral gift that will only impress but also make for fond memories, elevate your romantic occasion with this passionate bouquet of 20 red roses.

This flower arrangement includes a card message, to write a personal note to the person receiving the flowers.


All of our flowers, bouquets and arrangements are individually crafted from the freshest blooms. While we always strive to ensure that products are accurately represented in our photographs, from season to season and subject to availability, our florists reserves the right to substitute flowers, colors,or styles for a variety of equal or greater quality, appearance and value.

If the floral container shown online is not available, a similar container will be replaced.

Wrappings and ribbon colours may not be exactly as pictured and will vary depending on availability.

Blooms may take 2-3 days to open up, as shown in product photo.

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Flowers which are not delivered with a water source; Upon arrival, remove flowers from wrap, trim ends of stems and place in vase with fresh water.


Add about 5 inches of water to a clean vase.
Whatever foliage there is below the water line should be removed. You may also remove any discolored petal.
Cut the end of the stem of the flowers diagonally. This helps for a better hydration.
Place the flowers on the prepared vase.
Change the water every 2 days.

Do’s & Don’ts

Do not let the roses receive direct sunlight, drafts or excessive heat.
Leave the roses in a warm area or spot if you want them to bloom.
Leave the roses in a cooler area if you want to slow down the opening process.

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